Bruce Willis takes ''Hostage'' drama. He'd star as a small-town cop under unusual pressure in negotiating with hostage-takers holding a Mob accountant captive
Bruce Willis
Credit: Bruce Willis: Walter Weissman/Star Max/Newscom

Hostage (Movie - 2005)

What is it with Bruce Willis and hostages? Many of his movies involve hostage situations — ”Striking Distance,” ”Twelve Monkeys,” ”Unbreakable,” and of course, the ”Die Hard” series. Guess it was a matter of time before he did one that was just called ”Hostage.” According to the Hollywood Reporter, that film is ready to go into production at Sony-based Revolution Studios after being dropped by MGM, distributor of two recent Willis flops: ”Hart’s War” and ”Bandits” — another hostage caper.

”Hostage,” which screenwriter Robert Crais adapted from his own novel, will star Willis as a big-city hostage negotiator who is traumatized when a situation goes awry. He becomes a small-town police chief, but he’s pulled back in to resolve another hostage crisis. But he’s also under pressure from the Mafia, since one of the captives is a Mob accountant. There’s no director on board yet, but Revolution plans to shoot the film next fall. After that, Willis has yet another hostage drama in store at 20th Century Fox: ”Die Hard 4.”

Hostage (Movie - 2005)
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