Kevin Spacey helps aspiring filmmakers on his website -- The Oscar winner turns his production company's website into a clearinghouse for anyone who wants to upload a script or a clip

In Hollywood, it’s who you know. If you’re an aspiring filmmaker trying to sell a screenplay or a completed film to showbiz decision makers, it’s hard to get past their gatekeepers — agents, lawyers, bodyguards — unless you know the right people. Or, unless someone is willing to give newcomers a shot. That’s what Kevin Spacey is doing with his newly launched website.

Ostensibly the home page for his Trigger Street production company, is now accepting open submissions of scripts and clips, with the Oscar-winning actor promising to show the submissions to a panel of insiders that includes Mike Myers, Sean Penn, Annette Bening, and Bono, as well as anyone else who registers to use the site.

Spacey wanted to give others the kind of career boost he received early on, according to a statement on the site. ”Realizing that the path to his own success would have been much rockier without the support and encouragement of many outstanding mentors, Spacey has sought out a way to inspire, nurture, and help bring exposure to new and undiscovered talent,” the statement reads. ”If you are in a position to help others, if you find yourself in the building of life and you can send the elevator back down, that becomes your earnest duty.”

Unlike a similar celebrity Web initiative, Project Greenlight, there’s no contest, and no promise that the works-in-progress submitted will ever be produced. But then, there’s no submission fee either. As Spacey tells the Hollywood Reporter, the site is about access, not revenue. ”There is no economic angle in this,” he tells the Reporter, though the site does have corporate sponsorship from Budweiser. ”And we’re not making any money on the site. I can assure you of that.”