Halle Berry plans the first Bond girl spin-off ever -- The Oscar winner says she?s ready for a secret agent series of her own
Halle Berry, Die Another Day
Credit: Halle Berry: Queen/WireImage.com

In ”Die Another Day” (in theaters Nov. 22), James Bond is shaken and stirred by yet another beauty: Jinx, a tough-as-nails American spy played by Halle Berry. But unlike more disposable Bond girls, Jinx may be sticking around after the credits roll. Producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli are considering a film built around Berry’s character, which would be the first Bond spin-off ever. ”Basically, we’re looking for any excuse to spend more time with Halle,” says Broccoli. ”We just loved working with her.”

Though Berry has numerous projects in development, she’s ready to add Jinx to her to-do list. ”If they were excited about it and put the kind of love and care into it that they put into James Bond, I?d be a fool not to do it,” she says. The Oscar winner has no problem making room for another grueling action series (she?s currently shooting a sequel to ”X-Men”), but isn?t likely to sign options for multiple sequels as stars like Tobey Maguire (”’Spider-Man”) have done. ”I think I?d be able to do what Pierce does and go year to year,” she explains.

Ironically, Berry wasn’t initally sold on the idea of being a Bond girl, traditionally a role for which acting skill is optional. ”When they first offered me the role, I thought, Okay, but what am I going to play?” she says. ”But then I read how right after she goes to bed with Bond, he wakes up and she’s gone because she’s busy doing business. And I thought, Oh yeah, this is the Bond girl for me! She’s an NSA agent just like he is, a trained assassin. They’re different, but they’re equal.”

”Die” director Lee Tamahori (”Along Came a Spider”), who is also directing Berry in ”The Guide,” could be just the one to take on the Jinx film series. ”I suggested the spin-off myself to MGM,” he says. ”She’s such a cool character, you could easily have her run off and start her own stories.” He already has plenty of inspiration, since he wanted Jinx to be loosely based on a character with her own series of novels and comic books during the 1960s. ”I always loved the novels of Modesty Blaise, and the movie was terrible, so I saw this as an opportunity to put Modesty in a movie but called by another name.” Good thinking. Who’d ever want to call a Bond Girl modest?