The Bachelor
Credit: The Bachelor: Isabella Vosmikova

The Bachelor lost me when Aaron Buerge — a smug entrepreneur whose oily smoothness with the lay-dees reminds me of the unwarranted arrogance of late-’90s young dotcom hucksters — rejected the one woman among the 25 who displayed some worldly perspective, the discreetly funny Hayley. You have to be discreet about possessing a sense of humor on this show, because it’s interpreted by the other gals as being stuck-up and by the bachelor as a sign of the one thing neither Aaron nor his predecessor, the ghoulishly calm Alex Michel, seems to care about in a woman: brains. For an example of this remember Gwen, a ferociously smiling blonde, who donned a gown and tiara to go out on her ”Cinderella date.” She seemed thrilled to be riding with our man of the moment, Aaron, in a garish pumpkin-shaped coach all a-twinkle with glittering lightbulbs.

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