Holiday Gift Guide 2002

By EW Staff
Updated November 08, 2002 at 05:00 AM EST

1 T-MOBILE SIDEKICK Calling all spies: This is the all-in-one communications gadget that won’t deplete your secret bank account. The Sidekick, created by Danger, Inc., combines a cell phone, AOL Instant Messenger, Web browser, e-mail, 36-picture digital camera, games, and an organizer that is wirelessly updated. The swivel-aside screen — which is already in heavy rotation with such celebs as DJ Clue, Missy Elliott, and Xzibit — reveals a thumb keyboard, and the $39.99-per-month intro plan includes unlimited data usage. ($199.99 after rebate,

2 FONDUE POTS Now that the former cocktail nation is settling down into domesticity, the fondue pot has replaced the martini shaker as the must-have retro product. Bodum’s stainless-steel pot is designed to prepare meat and seafood and includes a glass insert for melting chocolate and cheese. Le Creuset offers a compact cast-iron version (available in different colors) that starts on the stove and retains heat for up to four hours. Both brands come with recipe books and six forks. (Bodum fondue pot, $59.95,; Le Creuset, $100,

3 THE SOPRANOS FAMILY COOKBOOK Like Ralphie, this gift idea is destined to be a hit. The Sopranos Family Cookbook: As Compiled by Artie Bucco (Warner Books), culled from the ”kitchen” of Tony’s fave eatery, Nuovo Vesuvio, serves up recipes, Carmela’s and Charmaine’s party tips, and a gastronomic meditation penned by 260-pound Bobby Bacala. The paisans have also muscled in on Paul Newman, with marinara sauce, salad dressing, and ziti bearing the Bucco name. (Cookbook, $29.95, in bookstores; gift set, $21.95,

4 GRAETER’S ICE CREAM She gave up on book clubs, but Oprah staunchly supports Graeter’s ice cream. ”There’s nothing like their butter pecan,” says Winfrey. The 132-year-old Cincinnati-based creamery has parlors in Ohio and Kentucky, but fans on the coasts — like Sarah Jessica Parker — have the sweet stuff shipped. Spoons not included. ($70 for six pints,

5 MADDIE POWERS BOOKPURSES Made with vintage pulp-fiction book jackets — blaring titles like Boy-Chaser and Tough Doll — the faux-fur-accented bags are perfect for postmodern molls. Bags come with a wallet and dice-ball chain and are designed to hold cell phones. Because even contemporary dolls can’t miss their calls. ($130- $160,

6 POLAROID MIO It’s the retro fad that keeps getting…smaller? Polaroid’s wee mio camera (at a mere five inches) develops wallet-size snapshots from a nifty pop-up slot. Digital, smigital. ($79.99 at Target and Ritz Camera stores)

7 [For Big Spenders] NEW ZEALAND VACATIONS Elvish lives! Dance rings around other hobbit hobbyists when you venture Down Under on the ”Journeys to Middle-earth” package by Newmans South Pacific Vacations. The tour includes airfare from L.A., car, hotel, and such itineraries as the ”Ring Route” (with Lord of the Rings locations). Sounds much better than last year’s Middle-earth ”vacation” when you made everyone call you Frodo and started a lute cover band. (Packages start at $1,299, 800-416-0667)