By Adam B. Vary Scott Brown and Missy Schwartz
Updated November 08, 2002 at 05:00 AM EST


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When HBO announced Arli$$ wouldn’t return for an eighth season of wild and (Robert) Wuhl-y sports-agent satire, we began assembling an episode guide — until we realized that few of us had seen more than three episodes. But with help from the official website, we’ve prepared a recap to honor a landmark show that changed the way we look at dollar signs. — $cott Brown, with additional reporting by Mi$$y $chwartz and Adam B. Vary

$EA$ON 1

In pre-Jerry Maguire 1996, sports agent Arliss Michaels (Wuhl) first showed us the funny, with cameos running the gamut from Shaquille O’Neal to Jonathan Silverman — a gamut once thought unrunnable. In episode 9, a toe infection foils a volleyball tourney, a plot you won’t see on The Sopranos. Actually, you won’t see it at all: HBO (a division of EW parent AOL Time Warner) has no firm date for releasing Arli$$ on video. Or into the water supply, unless provoked.

$EA$ON 2

Arliss breaks the ice with Katarina Witt! Also, Tommy Lasorda makes the second of three (!) appearances. To paraphrase the HBO slogan: It’s not TV, it’s Arli$$. But above all, it’s not TV.

$EA$ON$ 3-7

More of the same. Shaq guest-stars again. HBO says that the show will bow out at the top of its game, leading many to wonder exactly how said game is being scored. But where there’s a Wuhl, there’s a way: The comic says he’ll likely develop another show for HBO.


— ”The one where the female sports announcer shows her tits. Loved it, loved it.” — Rosie Perez

— ”The one where Arliss threw himself on the German grenade and saved the platoon.” — John Ritter

— ”The one I was in. And I saw one recently about Arliss meeting some girl who was a kleptomaniac…. A lot of it was real, more real than people even know. I’ll have to call Robert and tell him, ‘Damn.’ Give him my condolences.”

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