Princess Di's butler aims to host U.S. game show. Paul Burrell, acquitted last week of stealing 300 items from the late princess, plans to quiz American contestants on celebrity scandals
Paul Burrell
Credit: Paul Burrell: Michael Crabtree/Reuters/Newscom

Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, knows a thing or two about celebrity scandals, having just been involved in one himself. Acquitted last week of stealing some 300 items from the late princess — thanks to Queen Elizabeth II speaking up in his defense — Burrell plans to come to America and host a game show that will test contestants’ knowledge of memorable scandals involving stars and royals. He’ll be visiting the States next week, according to the Hollywood Reporter, to pitch the show, called ”What the Butler Saw,” to the networks’ daytime divisions.

Burrell has TV experience, having hosted a series on etiquette for Britain’s ITV. But if etiquette includes discretion, Burrell may be casting that principle aside. Now that the trial is over, with the Queen testifying at the last minute that Burrell took the items strictly for safekeeping, the former butler is cashing in on his notoriety by selling his story to British tabloids and TV programs, according to the Reporter. Not to mention the dirty laundry of others that he’ll be airing on his quiz show. Apparently, he’s intent on proving the adage that no man is a hero to his valet.