Woody Allen, Steve Bing explain ''Why Men Shouldn't Marry.'' The father of Elizabeth Hurley's child writes and directs a comedy starring the thrice-married Allen and twice-married Sean Penn

Why Men Shouldn't Marry

Some guys just ask for trouble. Take producer Steve Bing (”Get Carter”), who’s best known for fathering Elizabeth Hurley’s son and casting doubts on the notion that he could be the father until a DNA test proved it. He’s written a screenplay that he plans to make his directorial debut, according to Variety, and it’s called ”Why Men Shouldn’t Marry.” Starring in the movie will be the twice-married Sean Penn, and the thrice-married Woody Allen, whose own notorious romantic history — well, the jokes just write themselves.

In the comedy, which Bing hopes to shoot next August, Penn will play a man who becomes an anti-matrimony guru after a bitter divorce. He locks horns with Allen’s character, a much-married and much-divorced man who still believes that marriage can work. Allen directed Penn’s Oscar-nominated performance in 1999 ”Sweet and Lowdown” and appeared briefly in the film himself, but Bing’s thing would mark the first time the two have acted onscreen in scenes together.

Bing also wrote ”Kangaroo Jack,” a recently wrapped crime spoof starring ”Sliders”’ Jerry O’Connell and Christopher Walken. He is also producing another caper, an adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s ”The Big Bounce,” which is currently shooting in Hawaii with Owen Wilson and Morgan Freeman.

Why Men Shouldn't Marry
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