Shakira proves to be a real doll. Mattel introduces the action-figure version of the Colombian pop princess
Credit: Shakira: Andrew Medichini/AP/Wide World

Shakira fans may not have thought she’s just another plastic pop star — until now. The New York Post reports that the singer has signed on with toy company Mattel, maker of Barbie, to license a collection of fashion dolls and accessories. Her new action figures will join the ranks of such kid-friendly pop icon dolls as Britney Spears, Mandy Moore, ‘N Sync, Aaron Carter, Christina Aguilera (um, maybe not so kid-friendly anymore), and Sisqó, Eminem, and Kid Rock (um, also not so kid-friendly). No word on whether the Shakira doll will have a belly and hips that can wriggle as flexibly as the real thing.

Meanwhile, the ”Laundry Service” singer embarks on her worldwide ”Tour of the Mongoose” this week, starting Friday in San Diego. She tells that the tour, which will take her to 30 cities in North America, then to 30 other countries over the next year, will show a new musical side of herself. ”It’s definitely a rock show,” she says. ”You know, I feel that I’m a rocker trapped in a ‘pop’ body, and finally this rocker is going to have its opportunity to come out when it’s on the stage.”