Plot to kidnap Posh Spice is foiled. Scotland Yard arrests nine alleged conspirators, acting on tips from a British tabloid
Victoria Beckham
Credit: Victoria Beckham: Big Pictures USA/Newscom

The former Spice Girls may not even be able to get arrested anymore, but one of them was almost kidnapped. Scotland Yard announced over the weekend that it had arrested nine alleged conspirators in a plot to kidnap Victoria Beckham, and possibly her two children. The artists formerly known as Posh Spice is married to English national team soccer captain David Beckham, one of his country’s top earners, and the plot was to ransom his wife for millions of dollars, according to police. Reuters reports that police were able to foil the plot on a tip from reporters from Britain’s News of the World tabloid, who said they had infiltrated the cabal.

The plot, according to the paper, was to accost Mrs. Beckham some time before the end of the year and knock her out with a chemical spray, hold her at a hideout in Brixton in south London, and ransom her for $7.8 million. The paper said the alleged conspirators — seven men and two women — also hoped to snatch the couple’s sons: Brooklyn, 3, and Romeo, 2 months.

”It’s clear these people were serious and that, of course, has scared the life out of me,” the 28-year-old singer told the paper. ”It’s terrifying to think that someone would want to do that to you and your children. I’m in absolute and total shock.”

News of the plot broke during the same weekend that London’s Sunday Times released its annual list of the top-earning Brits. The paper said David Beckham, 27, earned $24.2 million this year, putting him just ahead of Queen Elizabeth II.

It’s not the first kidnap threat for Posh, the New York Times notes. In 1999, while her husband was playing against the Scottish team at London’s Wembley stadium, police moved her and Brooklyn to a safe house for 48 hours, though the would-be abductors were never arrested. She also received a death threat in 2000, and a female stalker who had sent the couple obscene letters was arrested after breaking into their house in 2001.