''The Osbournes'' is kaput, says Sharon. Mother Osbourne says the combined pressure of the cameras and her cancer treatment have been so rough that Ozzy has fallen off the wagon
Sharon Osbourne
Credit: Sharon Osbourne: Steve Granitz/WireImage.com

”I think if we were to do it over again, we wouldn’t have done the show,” Sharon Osbourne admits of the reality series that has made her and her rock ‘n’ roll family into media darlings. Talking to Barbara Walters in an interview that will air Wednesday on ABC’s ”20/20,” the metal matriarch says the upcoming second season of MTV’s ”The Osbournes” will be the last: ”We can’t do it anymore… 10 shows and I’m out.”

Because of the pressures of constant camera scrutiny and her own treatment for colon cancer, Sharon says her husband Ozzy has fallen off the wagon. ”Ozzy’s been hitting the bottle again,” she tells Walters. ”We have no privacy. You know when you’re sick, you want to be on your own? And I can’t throw up on my own, and Ozzy can’t get drunk on his own.”

Life in a fishbowl has also had an impact on kids Jack and Kelly. ”My kids aren’t just a normal 16, 17-year-old. They have lawyers and business managers,” says Osbourne.

Viewers interested in the series’ impact on the family can get a glimpse of it during ”Catching Up with the Osbournes,” a half-hour special scheduled to air on MTV on Nov. 4. The official second season premiere is Nov. 26. MTV, which paid the Osbournes handsomely (up to $20 million, some reports said) to renew the series after the success of the first season this spring, hasn’t commented on Sharon’s remarks.

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