Celebs recall their best and worst gifts. Even the rich and famous get ugly sweaters from Grandma
Britney Spears, Teen Choice Awards
Credit: Britney Spears: Kevin Winter/ImageDirect/Fox


BRITNEY SPEARS ”This little butterfly necklace I got from my little sister. She always liked butterflies.”

GENE SIMMONS ”Shares in Krispy Kreme. I made a handsome profit.”

DORIS ROBERTS (”Everybody Loves Raymond”) ”At Ground Zero, the policemen and the firemen gave me a flag and a piece of the first tower that went down. I cried so…I asked, ‘Why are you giving this to me?’ and they said, ‘We’ve been here since 9/11 looking for pieces of our friends. Then we go home at night and turn on the telly, and there you are making us laugh. You bring us back into life.”’

KIRSTIE ALLEY ”A pair of ring-tailed lemurs. I have a foundation that helps preserve different endangered species, so when I was allowed to get a pair of ring-tailed lemurs to educate kids, that was my best gift.”

NATE DOGG (rapper) ”I think I gave myself my best present: I bought my first house on Christmas.”