Winona is found guilty. The star of ''Age of Innocence'' is found guilty on grand theft and vandalism charges
Winona Ryder
Credit: Winona Ryder: AFP Photo/CNN/NewsCom

After a six-day trial and five and a half hours of deliberation, a jury found Winona Ryder guilty on charges of grand theft and vandalism Wednesday afternoon, but acquitted the 31-year-old starlet on a burglary charge, according to the Associated Press. Shortly after the verdict, Los Angeles County prosecutor Ann Rundle said that the district attorney’s office would not seek jail time for the actress, CNN reported. “We will not be asking for jail time,” Rundle told reporters, according the news network. “We have never asked for jail time in this case. We simply ask Miss Ryder to accept responsibility.”

Ryder faces up to three years in prison for her conviction, though Rundle said that the prosecution would recommend community service, restitution and probation; sentencing will take place on Dec. 6. The Oscar-nominated actress’ charges stem from a Dec. 12, 2001, incident in which Ryder allegedly left a Beverly Hills Saks Fifth Avenue with $5,500 worth of stolen merchandise. Ryder, whose not-guilty plea rested on the implication of a set-up by Saks, declined to take the stand in her own defense. The verdict announcement was carried live by CNN; cameras lingered on an expressionless Ryder through its entirety.