''Survivor: Thailand'''s Brian Heidik's soft-core past. EW takes a look at the reality show contestant's earlier works
Brian Heidik, Survivor: Thailand
Credit: Brian Heidik: Monty Brinton/CBS

So far, Brian Heidik hasn’t made much of an impression on ”Survivor: Thailand,” but it’s certainly not because the used-car salesman from Quartz Hill, Calif., is camera shy. A few years ago, Heidik was navigating the treacherous waters of the soft-porn industry, with credits ranging from ”Passion’s Obsession” to ”The Pleasure Zone” (most of which aired on the Playboy Channel or Cinemax). EW perused Heidik’s body of work to see how he might use those adult-film experiences to his advantage on ”Survivor.”


Plot Heidik (a.k.a. Brian Linton) is Geoff, a fresh-out-of-film-school scribe who’s toiling with his pal Jack on a screenplay that lacks female conflict. Distractions arise when two nubile gals arrive after finding themselves without appropriate shelter at a nearby campsite. Reluctantly, Geoff agrees to let them in, but only after making a pact with Jack: ”No touching the girls.” Their resolve lasts all of a few minutes: Jack is soon bathing the brunette, while Geoff later succumbs to a three-way with her and the blonde.
AnalysisClearly, Heidik knows how to adapt to a changing environment and get the job done. Postcoitus, his character bangs out a superb third act and completes the challenging rewrite.
Grade B


Plot As Alvin the Difficult Rock Star, Heidik (using the stage name Dave Roth) frustrates a buxom director named Roberta, because he scraps the idea of playing a cheesy cowboy in his music video and wants to play Robin Hood. Faster than you can say ”merry men,” Roberta fantasizes that she’s strolling through a 14th-century Sherwood Forest and finds Heidik’s Robin auditioning ”wives” for his guys. ”I can’t have my merry men whoring around with the local wenches,” he explains.
Analysis Clad in a leather tunic and sitting on old tree trunks, Heidik seems perfectly at ease communing with nature. He sports a tiger tattoo on his right shoulder — and beds a fiery redhead — to show his appreciation for wild things.
Grade A-


Plot Heidik is Dan, a buttoned-up detective who immediately fingers a diminutive heiress named Regina Pierce (played here by Heidik’s real wife, C.C. Heidik) for stealing a B-movie poster collection from a local museum.
Analysis Heidik’s problem-solving skills are top notch as he…oh, who are we kidding?
Grade A+

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