Preston and Wee Man of ''Jackass'' sound off. No longer mere TV sidekicks, Preston Lacy and Jason Acuna talk about their gross-out antics in the box office hit ''Jackass the Movie''
Jackass the Movie
Credit: Jackass: Sean Cliver

If you see Preston Lacy, the angry fat guy, chasing the diminuative Jason ”Wee Man” Acuna (in their underwear, no less) across episodes of MTV’s ”Jackass,” you’ve got to laugh, even if you don’t understand why. Preston and ”Wee Man” — close friends and roommates during the film’s shoot — tell about making ”Jackass the Movie,” including the nastiest bits that didn’t make it to the screen.

How’d the chase routine get started?
PRESTON LACY Originally [on MTV], the whole chase thing was shot in West Hollywood, and it was supposed to be a gay thing — we were trying to make gay humor. Then MTV came in and took out all the rainbow flags and all the gay bars that we purposely put in the background. The deal was to try to freak out the gay dudes. So, they made it look like we were in a different place, and we just look like weirdos.

Jason, what did you do to piss off the big man anyway (so he keeps chasing you)?
JA Lots of things. It’s all left to your imagination what I could have done.

Tell us about some of the stuff that didn’t make the cut.
PL Well, there was the ”Fat-amaran.” They put Rick Kosick and I in bubble-wrap suits and tied a board across us. They put a sail on the board and Wee Man sailed us. I was one of the pontoons — pontoon A. Kosick got a little claustrophobic though, so we had to quit. Then [producer] Trip Taylor screwed my tennis shoes to a 2-by-4 and we put a trolling motor on it. I put the bubble-wrap on and Wee Man rode me around like a Jet-Ski. That bubble-wrap will keep you up, but my legs started cramping up after a while. I didn’t realize how much pressure having a grown man and a boat motor strapped to me would put on my calves.
JA Preston and I also swam in this marine tank together in our underwear — with sharks and turtles and dolphins and stuff biting at our feet, and that got cut out.
PL Then, I did this thing where I went into a barbershop and said, ”I need to get a haircut because my brother’s getting married and he’s an Army guy.” So, he gave me a flattop. I went outside and had [director] Jeff Tremaine shave ”FAT F—” in the back of my head. So, I went back into the barbershop and said, ”Man, what did you do? You ruined my life!” The guy freaked out and called the cops. He wouldn’t sign the release because he was in the process of getting a divorce and he was afraid his wife would use it against him. But I still had to walk around with ”FAT F—” carved in the back of my head for about three weeks.

It sounds like you guys will do just about anything
PL You have to get into some really gay stuff for people to start saying no. If you say no, the guy next to you will tell you why you should be doing it. That’s usually what it takes. When all the boys tell you it’s gonna be funny, you always do it.

Anything MTV wouldn’t let you do?
PL There was a little skit I wrote where I was going to go get liposuction and use the fat to cook a Monte Cristo sandwich in a Fry Daddy. Then I was going to eat the sandwich. It was a big crowd favorite around the office for a few days, but the MTV people said, ”No! What’s the matter with you?” I didn’t think there was [a problem]. I would have thrown up violently, but that wouldn’t have been anything new.

Now that you guys are full-fledged stuntmen, did you get banged up at all filming the movie?
JA I fell down this 30-foot wall and almost broke my neck. We were trying to do a human ?’Mouse Trap” and my part was to get kicked by a boot and fall down this Plinko wall. That was gnarly.
PL It’s like playing high school football again. Lots of bruises and scrapes. No broken bones, just humiliation.
JA The worst part for me was rooming up with Preston.

Why’s that?
JA He had diarrhea and was throwing up the whole time. I wasn’t happy with that. He was drinking and eating the wrong food — fried food that was NOT good.
PL I ate some chicken and got sick and was blowing out of both ends. Poor Jason.

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