By Gregory Kirschling
Updated March 17, 2020 at 03:06 AM EDT

No Way To Treat a First Lady

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As crazy as things got during the last bit of Bill Clinton’s presidency, they never degenerated into the spectacular series of events that feed the courtroom comedy of Buckley’s political satire. The philandering President (not Clinton) is dead, his bludgeoned forehead bearing the hallmark of an antique Paul Revere silver spittoon. The First Lady, focus of the ”Trial of the Millennium,” is charged with his assassination. And her $1,000-an-hour lawyer and old beau, Boyce ”I don’t deal in emotions, only motions” Baylor, headlines Buckley’s tireless if fatiguing jab at practically everything that’s been in the news for the past couple of years (9/11 luckily excepted). Ridiculous in a sophisticated way, it’s as if Buckley were novelizing an above-average New Yorker cartoon.

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No Way To Treat a First Lady