Move over, ''Macarena'' -- here's ''The Ketchup Song.'' The Spanish novelty hit and its accompanying dance are invading U.S. airwaves
Las Ketchup
Credit: Las Ketchup: Diena/Brengola/

Finally, a novelty-song-and-dance-craze combo for the new millennium. (When was the last time you heard ”Hey, Macarena”?) Currently in Billboard’s Top 40 is ”The Ketchup Song (Hey Hah),” a Spanish import from Las Ketchup that’s as perfectly packaged for U.S. consumption as a Big Mac. First heard on NYC’s WKTU last month, ”Ketchup” became the station’s top hit within 24 hours. And the accompanying hand-jive-y dance is already showing up at clubs and, according to Columbia record execs, weddings. (Can Carnival cruises be far behind?)

”It’s the kind of song I call a gift,” says KTU VP Frankie Blue. ”It’s taking off with other stations, it’s growing in the country, it’s selling.” Columbia is confident the tune will catch on here as it has in Europe, topping the charts in 10 countries. ”It’s the ultimate in pop formula,” says Columbia special marketing VP Rocco Lanzilotta. ”It’s a marketing dude’s dream.”