Howard Stern plans to remake raunchy teen comedies. The King of All Media plans to produce remakes of films like ''Porky's'' and ''Rock 'n' Roll High School'' for the ''Jackass'' audience
Howard Stern
Credit: Howard Stern: Ethan Miller/Reuters/Newscom

”Jackass” aside, there just haven’t been enough raunchy teen comedies lately. So says Howard Stern, who plans to step into the breach by producing remakes of some classic (if that’s the right word) teen farces of the past, including ”Porky’s” and ”Rock ‘n’ Roll High School.” The ”Private Parts” star will coproduce the movies with the aptly named Dan Gross, a former Dimension Films executive who knows something about reviving movie franchises that appeal to teens (like this year’s ”Halloween: Resurrection”).

The new movies will bear the banner ”Howard Stern Presents.” ”I think I represent what National Lampoon once meant to the teen audience,” the King of All Media told Variety. ”If I say to an audience, particularly my audience, this is ‘Howard Stern Presents,’ it means something to them,” he told the Hollywood Reporter. ”It means that it’s going to be crazy. It means that it’s going to be different, and they know I’m not going to be giving them any schlock.”

The original ”Porky’s,” which launched Kim Cattrall’s career in 1981, was a $4 million movie that grossed more than $105 million and spawned two sequels. ”Rock ‘n’ Roll High School” was a cult hit in 1979 that was built around on-screen performances by punk pioneers the Ramones, fronted by the late Stern lookalike Joey Ramone.

Stern said he’s looking for a band that could fill the role in the remake. “Finding a band, working with a record company — that makes a lot of sense,” he told Variety. ”I’d like to have a ‘Singles’ type of soundtrack to tap into whatever the next thing is.” As for who the band might be, Stern told the Reporter, ”It would be really interesting to take an unknown band and put them in it and see where it goes. So it could go either way. But right now, I’m leaning toward an established band.”

Despite the kudos he earned for playing himself in ”Private Parts,” Stern said he doubts he will act in the new films. He told Variety, ”I’ve been offered a lot of movies in the past, but I pictured my friends laughing at me, so I just couldn’t do it.”

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