A field guide to TV's psycho blondes. From ''The Real World'' to ''Survivor'' see how some of your favorite characters went off their rocker

The Real World

BRYNN SMITH, ”The Real World: Las Vegas”
After Steven hooked up with Trishelle again, she hurled a fork at the horny himbo.
BLONDISM Called ”World” ”my chance to do something besides get pregnant and have kids.”
MORE FUN? Three words: hot tub menage

BROOKE SMITH, ”The Bachelor”
She told stud Aaron Buerge that she had a secret, and later burst into tears. Turns out Dad’s in the pokey.
BLONDISM Bluntly asked him in episode 1, ”Do you believe in love at first sight?”
MORE FUN? Again with the hot tub (with amorous Aaron)

ROBB ZBACNIK, ”Survivor: Thailand”
A brunet under the do-rag, but blond at heart. He choked Clay Jordan during a challenge: ”I wanted to spit in his face.”
BLONDISM Luxury item: a skateboard. On a beach.
MORE FUN? Says he’s ”down to do whatever.”

Survivor: Thailand

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