Dealing with breakup drama, sagging record sales, and negative publicity can do in any diva. On Aug. 8, Britney Spears, 20, announced she was taking an extended hiatus ”to rejuvenate spiritually and to just play.” But from the looks of things, Spears may be the busiest retiree in showbiz. — Alice M. Lee

AUG. 29 Presented birthday cake to Michael Jackson at MTV’s Video Music Awards

SEPT. 17 Faced flashbulbs at the Four Feathers premiere in L.A.

SEPT. 22 Enjoyed front-row perch at House of Field’s NYC fashion show

SEPT. 26 Announced involvement with an antipiracy ad campaign

OCT. 1 Admired Britney-inspired Versace collection in Milan with Donatella

OCT. 11 Hit newsstands on Rolling Stone’s ”Women in Rock” cover