The murder book is a ”compendium of death,” a scrapbook full of graphic photos of homicide scenes. It would say something dire about public reading tastes if this were the same Murder Book holding at No. 5 for another week on the best-seller list. Joyfully, it’s not — but that gruesome Murder Book does drive the plot of Jonathan Kellerman’s hot-selling thriller with that same title. Kellerman’s hero, Alex Delaware, gets a copy in the mail, the poor guy.

FICTION WEEKS ON LIST 1 THE LOVELY BONES Alice Sebold, Little, Brown, $21.95 16 2 NIGHTS IN RODANTHE Nicholas Sparks, Warner, $22.95 4 3 BLESSINGS Anna Quindlen, Random House, $24.95 4 4 FROM A BUICK 8 Stephen King, Scribner, $28 3 5 THE MURDER BOOK Jonathan Kellerman, Ballantine, $26.95 2 6 THE CRUSH Sandra Brown, Warner, $26.95 1 7 RED RABBIT Tom Clancy, Putnam, $28.95 10 8 STAR WARS: THE NEW JEDI ORDER: DESTINY’S WAY Walter Jon Williams, Del Rey/LucasBooks, $25.95 2 9 I DON’T KNOW HOW SHE DOES IT Allison Pearson, Knopf, $23 1 10 WAR OF HONOR David Weber, Baen, $26 2


1 LEADERSHIP Rudolph W. Giuliani with Ken Kurson, Miramax, $25.95 2 2 LONGITUDES & ATTITUDES: EXPLORING THE WORLD AFTER SEPTEMBER 11 Thomas L. Friedman, FSG, $26 6 3 WHO MOVED MY CHEESE? Spencer Johnson, Putnam, $19.95 145 4 LET FREEDOM RING: WINNING THE WAR OF LIBERTY OVER LIBERALISM Sean Hannity, ReganBooks, $25.95 8 5 SELF MATTERS: CREATING YOUR LIFE FROM THE INSIDE OUT Phillip C. McGraw, Simon & Schuster, $25 46 6 LET’S ROLL: ORDINARY PEOPLE, EXTRAORDINARY COURAGE Lisa Beamer with Ken Abraham, Tyndale, $24.99 8 7 TAKE ON THE STREET Arthur Levitt with Paula Dwyer, Pantheon, $24.95 1 8 ABRAHAM: A JOURNEY TO THE HEART OF THREE FAITHS Bruce Feiler, Morrow, $23.95 3 9 GOOD TO GREAT: WHY SOME COMPANIES MAKE THE LEAP…AND OTHERS DON’T Jim Collins, HarperBusiness, $27.50 16 10 LIVE FROM NEW YORK: AN UNCENSORED HISTORY OF SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Tom Shales and James Andrew Miller, Little, Brown, $25.95 1