Aaron nixes Angela after the home visits. But what's the fun of meeting the family when Aaron's so bland, and the 'rents won't talk about ugly secrets, asks Jessica Shaw
The Bachelor
Credit: The Bachelor: Craig Sjodin

Aaron nixes Angela after the home visits

I was really looking forward to the home-visitation episode of ”The Bachelor” since last year’s was so hilarious. Remember all those mounted animal heads? This year, it seemed as if every parent was all too ready to sell his or her daughter into marriage for the low, low price of 15 minutes of fame. In fact, Brooke’s mother even admitted to encouraging her daughter to call in to be a contestant. What is up with these people?

But these families don’t deserve our wrath; Aaron does. The guy has not opened up one iota since the beginning of the show. At first it seemed as if he were being guarded, but it’s becoming more and more clear that he simply doesn’t have a personality. Or at least one that deserves to have a wife. The only emotion he can manage to squeak out is how ”difficult” it’s going to be at the rose ceremony. He uses lines like ”Hey good looking” and ”All four of these women are solid gold.” Could he be any cheesier? And would you ever want to marry someone who thought you were ”solid gold?”

Still, as of last night, there were four women (plus Christi and Heather from Texas sticking pins in Aaron voodoo dolls at home) who were ready to slip that diamond ring on their fingers. It’s no surprise that Aaron got rid of Angela since she didn’t throw herself at him the way Gwen or Brooke did, and she didn’t emotionally torture him in a third-grade playground way as Helene did. The saddest part of the entire Angela situation had to be her insane friend Summer who clearly was acting in a jealous rage when she asked unbelievably inappropriate questions to Aaron (”So you’re kind of superficial?”). Get some new friends, Angela, and then work on a husband.

From the looks on Aaron’s face, it seems as if Helene’s shtick is beginning to wear thin. There’s only so long this guy is willing to put up with a challenge. Though Helene saying ”I can’t trust you yet” makes perfect sense in the real world, it comes off as too bitchy in the ”Bachelor” universe. Still, we must give her (and the ”Bachelor” producers) major props for their attempt to make South Jersey look in any way attractive.

Brooke’s family was hardly interesting because, well, aside from only catching every seventh word they said, there was no jail talk. The best part about Brooke is the whole Dad-in-the-clink back story, and yet we got none of the details. Instead, we had to suffer through a tour of John David’s University of Alabama shrine. (At least step-dad J.D. did throw out the line about ”If you hurt Brooke, [my brother] is gonna come kill you.”)

Once again, I must reaffirm my belief that Gwen is going home with the final rose. Many of you have written in about the distracting size of her forehead, a point I’ve been reluctant to bring up (Okay, my editor told me it was too mean to bring up). But now that we see her Mom and we know where that thing comes from, one could say that Aaron should think twice about choosing a wife who could pass along certain genes to their children. But, of course, Gwen is the best match for our dopey Bachelor so it seems that love is, once again, blind. I must admit she’s actually growing on me a little. Brooke is bringing up marriage a little too early, and Helene is just too smart for the show. Gwen seems like the kind of person who would date Aaron even if there weren’t any cameras on, and ultimately that’s the person he should choose.

Who do you think will end up with the final rose?

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