Winona prosecutors show snipped garments. Jurors see the clothes from which Ryder allegedly snipped the tags, plus more of the Saks security tape

Winona Ryder spent her 31st birthday on Tuesday watching her most notorious recent movie: the Saks Fifth Avenue security tape that the prosecution presented as evidence against her on the second day of her shoplifting trial in Beverly Hills. According to media accounts of the trial, prosecutors showed sequences from the tape for two hours, as Saks security chief Kenneth Evans gave a running commentary. Prosecutors also showed clothes from which the ”Edward Scissorhands” star allegedly snipped the sensor tags.

The prosecution showed handbags and designer tops with holes that Evans said ”are consistent as to where the sensor tag would be,” Reuters reports. He testified that, after Ryder’s December spree, he found four sensor tags in the pocket of a coat in an area of the store Ryder had visited, and that fibers on three of the tags matched two handbags and a hair bow that Ryder was carrying when store guards detained her.

Scenes on the videotape included Ryder carrying a red Saks bag that ”appears to get larger to me as she’s moving through the store,” Evans said, according to the New York Daily News. The tape also showed Ryder emerging from a dressing room and enlisting a Saks employee to put a bandage on her finger.

Ryder, who has pleaded not guilty to the charges, is expected to rely on testimony from spokespersons for the Beverly Hills police department and the district attorney’s office, according to the New York Post. Her lawyer, Mark Geragos, plans to make a case that Ryder is the victim of an overzealous prosecution by officials who’ve devoted extraordinary manpower to the Ryder case in order to avoid embarrassment over groundless charges, the Post reports.