FIRST LOOK! Introducing the 'X'-traordinary New Heroes & Villains of Next Summer's Supercharged Sequel

Recall this uncanny bit of foreshadowing from Prof. Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), headmaster of an academy for really, really gifted youth, in the final scene of 2000’s X-Men: ”I feel a great swell of pity for the poor soul who comes to that school looking for trouble.” Needless to say, in the sequel (due May 2, 2003), some poor soul does just that. And as these exclusive, never-before-seen photos suggest, ”this movie’s going to be a little more intense than the last one,” says director Bryan Singer, who likens the tone of X-Men 2 to another dark middle chapter: The Empire Strikes Back (yes, fans can expect an X-Men 3). ”I wouldn’t want to say violent, but…” In other words, expect not just evolution, but revolution. — Scott Brown

X2: X-Men United
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  • 133 minutes