Hey, Even Picasso passed off some stinkers

THE PERPETRATOR Beck THE PROOF ”Steve Threw Up” (1993) THE PLEA ”I’m not much of a self-editor. I like to put out things warts-and-all. I put out songs that would be embarrassing for other artists to put out. I’m like, All right, I’m not gonna try to be cool. I’ll put out ‘Steve Threw Up,’ which was a song about a friend of mine who went to the street fair and had a little too much to drink and went on the Ferris wheel and made a mess. There’s another one called ‘Satan Gave Me a Taco.’ I had a lot of fast-food/chain-store imagery in my early songs. It was kind of wacky, the kind of thing where I was amusing friends of mine. My favorite artists always had that side. Even the Beatles had their goofy novelty songs.”