Don’t believe the hype! While reported that Beanie Sigel’s State Property clothing (hitting stores this holiday season) will boast pockets for concealing weapons, Rocawear CEO Damon Dash, who will distribute the line under his company’s umbrella, objects: ”We do not make pants with gun holsters.” The garments will, however, resemble a more affordable version of Rocawear, the ghetto-fabulous line favored by Madonna, Will Smith, and Chloe Sevigny. ”They’re tough but stylish,” says Dash of the oversize hoodies, sweats, and baggy jeans equipped with plenty of pockets for cell phones, beepers, and pagers. The bad press, Dash laments, is likely to keep State Property out of department stores concerned about family-friendly reps. Street-smart shoppers, then, will have to hunt the line down in specialty shops. Now, that’s a crime.