Ghosts battle Jackasses -- but who will win? As Halloween approaches, Juliana Margulies and her ''Ghost Ship'' should outlast Johnny Knoxville and his pack of crash test dummies
Francesca Rettondini, Ghost Ship
Credit: Ghost Ship: Vince Valitutti

Now that “The Ring” has cleaned up at the box office, will scare-loving moviegoers return for “Ghost Ship” this weekend? Warner Bros. certainly hopes so.

The studio, which has released frightful films the last weekend of October for the past two years, attempts to dethrone “The Ring” with its latest thriller, starring Julianna Margulies, Ron Eldard, and Gabriel Byrne. Is it as scary as “The Ring”? Not even close. But it’ll probably end up No. 1 regardless. The studio’s last two Halloween flicks, “Thirteen Ghosts” and “The House on Haunted Hill,” each premiered with $15 million and change. “Ghost Ship” should almost measure up with about $14 million.

For a different breed of scare, audiences can’t go wrong with “Jackass the Movie,” the big-screen version of the grossout TV series. Happily, the film includes stunts and scenes that even MTV couldn’t show if they wanted to. The curiosity level should help the guys from “Jackass” become a close second place with about $13 million.

With the arrival of “Ghost Ship,” last week’s champ “The Ring,” starring Naomi Watts, stands to drop 50 percent from its $15 million opening to $7.5 million and the No. 3 spot.

And battling for the last two slots in the top five will be three entries: returning hits “Sweet Home Alabama” and “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” and Adam Sandler’s quirky romance “Punch-Drunk Love,” which expands to almost 500 theaters. Each should end up with about $6 million for the weekend.

That leaves the week’s other national release, the Mark Wahlberg thriller “The Truth About Charlie,” out of the top five. Opening in only 750 theaters, the “Charade” remake should only amass about $5 million this weekend. That, unfortunately, is the sad truth about ”Charlie.”

The Truth About Charlie
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