Torture can be fun — and even deep! At least it can be for Madonna. In her splattery video for the title track of the upcoming James Bond flick, Die Another Day, the Material Girl gets beaten, slashed, and nearly drowned by a team of goons. But does she mind? Nah! The mayhem only inspires what looks like a fresh outburst of voguing from our gal, as she writhes with elan through every punch and puncture. Amazingly, the violence — and contradictory messages — don’t stop there. Intercut with the abuse is a scene in which two Madonnas fence each other. ”Sigmund Freud,” one of them cries, ”analyze this!” He may need a rabbi to help him sort things out. The song’s lyrics blab about killing the ego, and Madge is seen in an electric chair bearing Hebrew letters that likewise signify letting the ego go. What this has to do with Bond is anyone’s guess. But one thing’s for sure: The clip’s loony pretensions give this sleepy secret-agent franchise the jolt it needs. B+

Die Another Day
  • Movie
  • 129 minutes