Ed SULLIVAN’s ROCK ‘N’ ROLL CLASSICS Ed Sullivan B+ (Rhino, unrated, DVD)

A boxed set comprising the many performances that A graced Ed’s TV stage.

GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES Animated (CPM, unrated, DVD) A beautiful, somber look at two orphans’ lives in war-torn Japan. Yes, you will cry.

KEEP THE RIVER ON YOUR RIGHT: A MODERN CANNIBAL TALE A- Documentary (Docurama, R) One man’s journey back to Peru’s man-bites-man jungles.


BIG TROUBLE (Touchstone, PG-13) Hey, a wacky comedy about a stolen bomb in a briefcase is funny, right? It’s not bad timing or anything, is it?

CHRIS ROCK: BRING THE PAIN (DreamWorks Records, unrated, DVD) Rock shines so bright in his stand-up you wonder how SNL managed to keep him so unhilarious.

EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS (Warner, PG-13) David Arquette moves to a small town besieged by giant mutant spiders. That’s one reason not to move to a small town.

E.T. LIMITED COLLECTOR’S EDITION (Universal, PG, DVD) Could the M&M’s folks still be kicking themselves for letting Reese’s Pieces steal the product-placement thunder?

THE SUM OF ALL FEARS (Paramount, PG-13) What you get when you add scheming neo-Nazis, a rogue nuclear weapon, and Ben Affleck’s Jack Ryan.