Julianna Margulies, Ghost Ship

We rate the new Halloween flick "Ghost Ship"

Stars a haunted… long-lost Italian cruise ship.

Scariest moment Star Julianna Margulies opens a closet door — and discovers the nasty, rotting skeleton of a little girl hanging in a noose.

Grossest moment This may be the most gleefully repugnant scene of the whole year: A sharp, tightly wound steel cable snaps, and rips across the ship's packed ballroom — neatly slicing 50 or so people in half. We see intestines, and a guy's head split in half. Sweet!

Sample dialogue "I think I saw something I couldn't possibly have seen — I think I saw a little girl."

Creepy children? Yup — see above. (But she turns out be the movie's only friendly ghost) .

Overall spook rating Six out 10 skulls. Though it gets points for its cheerful gore, "Ghost Ship" is ultimately more ridiculous than terrifying.