Robert Redford plans ''Candidate'' sequel. He'd play the same character he played in the Oscar-winning 1972 film, three decades later

The Candidate

At the end of the classic 1972 political satire ”The Candidate,” having won an upset victory for U.S. Senator from California, the once-idealistic young candidate played by Robert Redford asks, ”What do we do now?” Thirty years later, we’ll find out. Variety reports that Redford is planning to direct a sequel, where he’ll play an older Senator Bill McKay. Writing the sequel will be veteran comedy scriptwriter Larry Gelbart (”Tootsie,” TV’s ”M*A*S*H”).

The 1972 movie won a Best Original Screenplay Oscar for Jeremy Larner, a former speechwriter for 1968 presidential candidate Sen. Eugene McCarthy. It was seen then as a slightly over-the-top cautionary tale of how even a naive idealist can be compromised and consumed by the media attention and ego-gratifying power that come with a run for office; now, it looks like a prescient warning about how campaigns have become more about image and spin than issues. No word on whether the latter-day McKay will have become a disillusioned cynic or, like the politically-minded star himself, still something of an idealistic firebrand.

The Candidate
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