Just how stupid ARE those ''Jackass'' guys? After you read our Q&A with crash test dummies extraordinaire Ryan Dunn and Bam Margera, you'll have to answer, ''Pretty darn stupid!''
Ryan Dunn, Bam Margera
Credit: Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn: Dennis Van Tine/London Features

After spending a long night on a New York City bar-hopping stunt — they were wheeled from bar to bar in a wheelbarrow — Ryan Dunn and Bam Margera shrugged off hangovers to tell EW.com about their new flick, ”Jackass the Movie.” Dunn (his signature stunt: ”jumping off of things”) and Margera (”I abuse my parents — that’s my thing”) let us in on their most dangerous pranks, including a few so grisly you WON’T see them in the movie.

How did you come up with the stunts for this movie?
RYAN DUNN It’s not like everybody’s sitting around in a meeting or anything. We’re idiots, pretty much, just cranking it out. [Cast member] Loomis is only on the show occasionally, but when you go over to his house, he’s got a closet full of Virginia Slim cigarette boxes, and he just writes ideas on the side of the cigarette boxes when he gets drunk. So I guess that’s where it all stems from.
BAM MARGERA And if there’s a stunt, you really can’t turn it down. Maybe at first you say, ”No,” but then someone’s always there to say, ”Well, I’ll do it, then.”

So there wasn’t anything you guys turned down for the movie?
BM Steve-O turned something down that Ryan ended up doing. Steve-O turned it down ’cause he said his dad would disown him. So, I’m trying to think — his dad’s going to disown him? But he once drank wine from a dude’s a– crack? What could be worse than that? And it ended up being worse! It involves objects going up Ryan’s a– and then him going to the hospital claiming he has a broken tailbone. They get the X-rays back and…it’s hilarious.
RD It’s the last stunt in the movie! It means a lot to be in on that. I figure I had like 20 stunts shot, but ’cause I got to do that one, only, like, four got in.

Did MTV ever say, ”No, you’re not ALLOWED” to film a stunt?
BM No, we pretty much filmed ’em all.
RD This one never got to the head honchos at MTV — it didn’t even have to get to them before someone said, ”No.” So, I’m at Bam’s house and he’s working on this half-pipe (skating ramp). And this guy has this huge, gnarly, air-powered nail gun. I thought of the idea of crucifying myself, knocking ’em through my hands onto the half-pipe. I was ready to do it. I talked this guy into it. He had the gun ready and I was standing there when somebody ran up. They said I’d be walking around with hooves for hands after that, so I said, ”Forget it.”

Of your scenes that got cut, anything you’re particularly sad about?
RD Yeah, and it’s bumming me out every day. I did what we called the ”Dumpster Drop.” I covered myself in blood and got wrapped up in cellophane and got in the back of a van. The guys were all dressed up like gnarly gangsters. They pulled me out, beat the crap out of me with a tire iron, and threw me in a Dumpster. The cops came and it was chaos. After they pulled me out, everybody got mad. So, I’m stuck in cellophane and this [bystander] comes up and says, ”Let’s start a line here and everybody can wail on this idiot.” I was stuck and couldn’t do anything ’cause I’m in cellophane.