Guns and ammo found on Robert Blake's property. New find could bolster prosecution's argument that the actor tried to persuade others to kill his wife

A new search of a barn behind Robert Blake’s home has turned up two .38-caliber revolvers, 11 bullets, a holster, and other items Los Angeles police say may be related to the murder of Blake’s wife last year, the Los Angeles Times reports. Neither gun is the murder weapon, which police had said they found near the crime scene, but prosecutors believe Blake may have used them in his alleged effort to solicit others to kill Bonny Lee Bakley.

The Times cites a police search warrant that says a man removing gym equipment from the barn last Friday discovered the weapons in a box behind a stereo cabinet 7 feet off the floor, and he alerted the cops. (It’s not clear from the Times report who the man was.) One gun was in a holster; police have alleged that Blake showed a gun in a zippered holster to two stuntmen he tried to persuade to kill Bakley. Ultimately, however, prosecutors allege that the ”Baretta” star committed the May 2001 murder himself.

Blake has been jailed without bail since his arrest six months ago. On Monday, his lawyers petitioned the California Supreme Court to overturn the trial judge’s decision to deny bail to the 69-year-old actor. The defense argued that the special circumstance charge against Blake of ”lying in wait,” on which the judge based his decision to deny bail, is not supported by the evidence. Blake’s co-defendant, his handyman Earle Caldwell, is charged with conspiracy to murder but is free on $1 million bail. As for the weapons cache, Blake’s lawyer Harland Braun dismissed the discovery as old news, telling the Associated Press that the defense had known about the guns and had offered them to police a year ago.