Nicole Kidman will star in ''Stepford Wives'' remake. She'll star in the horror movie-turned-black comedy as the suburban housewife investigating her friends' robotic behavior

Glamorous Nicole Kidman just wants to settle down and be a suburban housewife. Unfortunately, the place she’s chosen to do it is Stepford, Conn. Variety reports that she’s starring in Paramount’s remake of 1975’s ”The Stepford Wives,” taking the Katharine Ross role of the heroine who investigates the mysteriously cheery and robotic submissiveness of her fellow housewives.

While the previous adaptation of Ira Levin’s novel was a horror thriller, this one will be played for campy black comedy. It’s being scripted by Paul Rudnick (”In & Out,” ”Addams Family Values”) and directed by Frank Oz (”The Score,” ”Bowfinger”) as an effects-driven farce.

The film is expected to shoot early next year, after Kidman finishes making ”Birth,” a reincarnation thriller directed by Jonathan Glazer (”Sexy Beast”). Plus, her ”Stepford” role should be good practice for a similar comic role on her to-do list, another smart suburban housewife living in a world of pre-feminist husbands. That would be Samantha Stevens in Columbia’s planned screen adaptation of the ’60s sitcom ”Bewitched.”

The Stepford Wives (Movie - 2004)
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