Joey Fatone releases home movies of a pre-fame 'N Sync. ''The Reel 'N Sync'' shows the then-unknown boy band on tour in Europe and Japan in 1996 and '97

The Reel 'N Sync

Believe it or not, there was a time when ‘N Sync didn’t fly first class or stay in five-star hotels. Before they were world-famous, they had to rough it in coach, occasionally got stranded in airports without tickets, and stayed in budget lodging. And the only screaming females at their shows were the boys’ own mothers. You’ll soon be able to see shocking footage of the quintet enduring such hardships. It’ll be available Nov. 5 on DVD and VHS as ”The Reel ‘N Sync,” Reuters reports.

The video consists of footage shot and edited by Joey Fatone when he and his bandmates toured Europe and Japan in 1996 and ’97. There’s no music, but the home movies do record such milestones as the band’s celebration of its first gold record. To mark the occasion, stylists at a German photo shoot spray-painted the singers gold. Of course, now that the band members are targets of media frenzies when one of them gets booted out of the Russian space program, or endures a messy breakup with a pop-star girlfriend, a little gold paint probably doesn’t seem like much of an indignity.

The Reel 'N Sync
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