Here's what the cast of ''Friends'' were up to this week. Lisa Kudrow spills a secret, Matt LeBlanc comes out for his new drag movie, and an old Friend resurfaces
Lisa Kudrow
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All the Queen's Men

FACE FACTS Turns out that when Lisa Kudrow starred in ”Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion” as a woman ashamed of how she looked as a teenager, she was working from personal experience. In the November issue of Allure magazine, she reveals a secret she’s kept for 23 years: When she was 16, she had a nose job. ”I had a hook nose, and now it’s certainly smaller,” she says. ”But I’m not even sure I love how that turned out. I think plastic surgery looks weird — like plastic surgery.”

OUT AND ABOUT Matt LeBlanc and longtime fiancée Melissa McKnight stepped out Monday for the Hollywood premiere of his new movie, ”All the Queen’s Men,” and denied for the umpteenth time that the couple are planning a Christmas wedding. ”That’s a big rumor,” he told TV’s ”Extra.” ”We are getting married, but not at Christmas.”

In the movie, which opens on Friday, LeBlanc plays an Allied spy who dresses up as a woman to infiltrate a German factory during World War II. ”Initially, I was like, ‘A drag movie?’ When I first read it, it seemed very camp, which I didn’t like,” he told TV Guide this week. ”I felt the drag thing wasn’t for me. I thought it was going to be ‘Some Like It Hot.’ But the story, if you take away the camp aspect, was really interesting… You’ve been built up as a hero and sent to your death unknowingly as pawns — they’re secretly betting you’ll get caught and killed. You’re kind of f—ed. It’s a sh—y situation. I liked that!”

LeBlanc also explained to TV Guide why Joey hasn’t seemed more heartbroken this season about the way things have turned out between him and Rachel. The reason is that the series ”needs to stay hysterical,” he said. ”The show needs to always, always, always be f—in’ funny. The Joey character is a big, huge funny. I don’t know if we want to take that away. Let Joey heal. Let him be okay. Let him come back, having grown. His emotions from here on in have to be dealt with in a funny way.”

Addressing the rumor that NBC is still hoping to keep ”Friends” alive for a 10th season, and is willing to offer the six stars a hefty raise to return for one more year, LeBlanc said, ”I’ve heard that there’s a big proposal coming… I just think it feels like it’s time. Nobody wants to ride it into the ground. I think the show being as popular as it is in its ninth season is great. Maybe now is the time to step away. We’ll see.”

As for his own future, he reiterated his comment from last week that he’d be willing to play Joey in a spinoff. ”I would rather do a spinoff than a new series. A lot of groundwork has been laid for this character and he’s not been explored fully.” After all, the TV graveyard is full of shows by actors who left a beloved series to try an unfamiliar role. (Exhibit A: the ”Seinfeld” cast.) ”Fans feel somewhat betrayed,” he said. ”The six of us have become sort of members of people’s families. To take that away… People say, ‘I don’t f—in’ care if you’re playing somethin’ else. I want to see that guy that I know, that I like, that I’m comfortable letting into my home.’ That’s the formula ‘Frasier’ used, and I think they’re successful as a result of that.”

WHAT ABOUT THE DUCK? One veteran of the ”Friends” cast has been turning up in an unexpected place: on the scoreboard at Edison Field during the Anaheim Angels home games. It’s Katie, the monkey who played Marcel in the show’s early days, and who now appears, in uniform, as the Angels’ ”Rally Monkey,” jumping up and down to whip the fans and the players into a frenzy when the team needs a late-innings boost. Does it work? Well, the Angels are in the World Series. Maybe Katie will take home the MVP award, for Most Valuable Primate.

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