Why Johnny Depp put his friend's audiobook on hold. Nick Tosches' ''In the Hand of Dante'' is in limbo until Depp has time away from his film career
Johnny Depp
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In the Hand of Dante (Book - Audio)

Those looking forward to the audiotape of Nick Tosches’ ”In the Hand of Dante” will have to wait a while. Or even forever. Tosches’ buddy Johnny Depp had only five days last June to record the novel — which features an international cast of characters, along with bits of Hebrew, Latin, and medieval Italian — and got about halfway through before he had to return to the London set of ”Neverland.” Now Tosches is waiting for Depp to be free again. ”When you hear the recording, all thoughts of someone else doing it go out of your head,” says Tosches’ agent, Russell Galen. Maybe so, but HighBridge Audio, the publisher that licensed the rights, has backed out of doing the audio version. ”The book’s getting publicity now,” says HighBridge marketing manager Maria Manske. ”That’s when we want our project on the shelves.” Galen plans to find a new audio publisher once Depp is available.

In the Hand of Dante (Book - Audio)
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