Rolling Stones ponder new studio album. Ron Wood says they've already recorded two dozen tracks

The Rolling Stones’ new career retrospective ”Forty Licks” contains only four new tracks, but there’s plenty more where that came from, says guitarist Ron Wood. He tells that the band recorded some two dozen songs at the sessions where they recorded ”Don’t Stop” and the other new ”Forty Licks” tracks, so it wouldn’t take much for the band to put out a new album, its first full studio set since 1997’s ”Bridges to Babylon.”

”We went there, in Paris, to do six songs, and we ended up doing 25,” Wood tells Launch. ”Like, we have another new album in the making, if you like, out of the Paris sessions. I would say it wouldn’t take more than a few months to do the final vocals and mixing. There’s not much needs doing to the basic tracks — you know, maybe an overdub here and there — but if we were forced, we could have it out in a couple of months.”

Would people buy an album of new Stones material? Their current tour is certainly keeping them high-profile, and ”Forty Licks,” in its first two weeks of release, has sold nearly half a million copies and remained in the top three of the Billboard album chart. But if the rockers end up not releasing the tracks, at least they’ll always have Paris.