Cole Hauser is a man of contradictions. Before playing a drug dealer in 2003’s Fast and the Furious 2, he’ll be a sensitive grease monkey in White Oleander. Hauser was even gentlemanly off camera, lobbying to cut a sex scene between his mechanic and a high school girl. ”There was this passionate love scene on top of a kitchen counter,” says Hauser, 27. ”I was concerned they were gonna get a girl that was actually 16, and I was going to have to kiss her on screen.” Although the part went to 23-year-old Alison Lohman, director Peter Kosminsky left the lovin’ to the imagination. Look for Hauser to move faster in FF2, in which his character is no boy next door. ”He’s charming and dark, and somebody you’re probably better off not being friends with,” he says, ”unless you like the dangerous life.”