Were ''Survivor'''s night moves for real -- or just real sleazy? Ted says he couldn't help but grind against Ghandia. What does he mean by that?
Ted Rogers Jr., Ghandia Johnson, ...
Credit: Survivor: Monty Brinton/CBS

On Oct. 3’s ”Survivor,” Ghandia Johnson objected to Ted Rogers’ ”grinding against me” in his sleep. Ted said he thought he was with his wife. Legit explanation or tired excuse?

It’s more than just a Hollywood gag (think John Candy and Steve Martin in ”Planes, Trains and Automobiles”). Rafael Pelayo, a Stanford prof who studies sleep disorders, says people have gone all the way while unconscious — ”just like sleepwalking.” And he says a person disoriented by a new environment is especially vulnerable; the strange bedfellow needn’t even resemble his regular mate. ”If a gorilla lay next to him,” says Pelayo, ”he’d do the same thing.” Sweet dreams, Ted.

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