We catch up with hot U.K. export Coldplay. The rockers chat about their latest album, America, dance moves, and getting snubbed by Thom Yorke in an excerpt from Entertainment Weekly's Oct. 25, 2002, Listen2This cover story

By Tom Sinclair
October 18, 2002 at 04:00 AM EDT

His band on the verge of capping off a recent eight-week tour of the United States, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin admits he’s bone weary: ”I really feel a bit spent, like an actor after a long day of porn shooting.”

Still, Martin says, it’s a good sort of tiredness, like when the endorphins kick in after a strenuous stretch of exercise — or copulation. And he does find America to be an ”amazing place.” Just about everyone he’s met here, from fans to promoters to record-company worker bees, has been ”unbelievably cool” to him and his mates.

One thing about this particular Stateside jaunt, however, sticks in his craw. ”Thom Yorke ignored me at a hotel in Los Angeles,” he says. ”I was secretly a bit gutted. I’m sure he recognized me. I always look at it like we’re in a big musical high school and Radiohead is in the year above us and they still haven’t come and sat with us at lunch.”