It’s tearin’ up our hearts, all right: The music masses seemed broken up over our cover story on Justin Timberlake’s solo trip (#673, Sept. 20). ”I’ve got to give props to Tom Sinclair for his write-up on Justin,” declares Shanta Williams of Calabasas, Calif. ”Justin has demonstrated that his talent extends beyond ‘N Sync.” Of course, that didn’t mean anything to the many readers who don’t have feelings for the boy or his band. ”Justin Timberlake on the cover of an issue dedicated mostly to music,” muses Scott Rodas of West Creek, N.J. ”I never laughed so hard in my life.” Smiles also surrounded the success of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. ”I have to laugh as Hollywood awkwardly tries to explain why Wedding is successful,” says Pleasant Grove, Utah’s Sharon Crandall. ”Don’t they get that there are millions of people who want real movies starring real people?” Some folks never learn.

Justin Time

I absolutely loved the cover with Justin Timberlake! As for teenage girls bartering their allowance to be there for his serenade, I am a 35-year-old happily married woman, and I would have bartered my husband’s classic ’67 Camaro Rally Sport! I think Justin is a great guy and wish him great success with his new CD, which I look forward to listening to. JOSIE TORRES Highlands Ranch, Colo.

At a moment when music needs a kick in its bottom, you choose to feature a boy-band/future Where Are They Now? castaway on your cover. It shows a lack of judgment to fill your preview with such insipid performers as Mariah, Christina, and J. Lo while relegating such important (albeit aged) performers as Pearl Jam to a footnote. CHRIS JONES Hammond, Ind.

In Tom Sinclair’s article on Justin Timberlake, he claims that ”there’s virtually no precedent for prefab teen idols sustaining significant careers….” Perhaps Mr. Sinclair should have focused more on Justin’s attempted transition to an R&B sound, which can provide precisely the type of long-term career trajectory that eludes young pop stars. Consider the 20- to 30-year successes of original teen idols Michael Jackson and Prince. HOSEA HARVEY Chicago

‘Wedding’ Wows

Doesn’t hollywood get it? My Big Fat Greek Wedding (News & Notes) is a movie for grown-ups that the whole family can see together, devoid of potty humor, sexual exploitation, or wholesale Orc slaughter. This is a niche crying out for a market. LAURA BOYES Durham, N.C.

The Great ‘Farscape’

I was particularly offended that the Sci Fi Channel’s decision to cancel Farscape had to do with ”the series’ inability to ‘grow beyond its core fan base”’ (Monitor). It seems to me that Sci Fi would want to please the Farscape fan base because they are the ones who are die-hard sci-fi fans, not to mention possibly a key demographic for that channel’s advertisers. If Sci Fi doesn’t want a show with critical acclaim and a loyal fan base, then maybe the producers of Farscape can find a new home on another network where they are appreciated. CHRISTOPHER CARTER Scobey, Miss.