The must-have, must-try attachments for movers and shakers

By EW Staff
Updated October 18, 2002 at 04:00 AM EDT

— POWER CAR TOYOTA PRIUS This eco-friendly gas/electric hybrid lets celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, and Larry David feel good about themselves while stuck in traffic. And it costs less than top stars’ monthly per diems — about $20,000 — saving them green of a different sort.

— POWER GADGET PLASMA SCREEN These four-inch-thick $4,000-plus boob tubes adorn the walls of studio chiefs’ offices all over town — although we’ve yet to encounter a mogul who could actually operate one without an assistant’s help. HBO even slipped a bunch into gaudy gold-leaf frames to rerun the Emmys at its post-awards-show party this year.

— POWER PAD ROBERT EVANS’ SCREENING ROOM It’s so old, it’s new. Since The Kid Stays in the Picture made Evans hot again, an invite to the aging player’s retro home (especially his private theater, complete with power roll-down screen) is the most coveted ticket in town. Some recent guests: Brad Pitt, Mark Wahlberg, Val Kilmer, Selma Blair, and director David O. Russell.

— POWER DERMATOLOGIST DR. FREDRIC BRANDT Who cares if your face no longer moves? Celebrities are flocking to the University of Miami-educated, Miami- and NYC-based doc, who injects one of the highest quantities of Botox in the world, and claims such clients as Madonna and Enrique Iglesias (though he refuses to divulge whether they receive Botox treatments). He also offers products like Vitamin ”C” Body Lotion favored by such stars as Faith Hill, Cher, and Jennifer Esposito.

— POWER DOG TRAINER BASH DIBRA Responsible for calming the pooches of such celebrities as Sarah Jessica Parker, Mariah Carey, and Kim Basinger, the NYC-based Dibra goes much further than paper training — he also offers Star Pet Workshops, where he can evaluate canines for ”temperament and charisma” and transform them into ”bono Fido” stars.

— POWER PARTY PLANNER COLIN COWIE So fabulous even fastidious Jerry Seinfeld deemed him appropriate to organize his nuptials. In addition to his Women’s Entertainment television show Everyday Elegance, Cowie — who offers expertise on everything from food (you gotta love his recipes for ”A Cape Malay Barbecue”) to Architectural Digest-worthy interior design, and is a contributing editor at InStyle — boasts celeb clients including Elton John, Sela Ward, and Kelsey Grammer.

— POWER REHAB PROMISES Betty Ford may boast the old-school clientele (La Liz and Mary Tyler Moore), but young Hollywood — Ben Affleck, Christian Slater, and Charlie Sheen — heads to Malibu’s Promises. The shabby-chic clinic specializes in treating booze and drug dependency but addresses sex and gambling addiction, too. Elders have begun to take notice: Legendary diva Diana Ross recently checked in.