Will there be a surprise pregnancy? Bruce Fretts analyzes the latest episode for clues supporting Internet rumors that a ''Sopranos'' character will give birth
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Will there be a surprise pregnancy?

The eternal question on ”The Sopranos” is: Who’s gonna get knocked off? Current front-runners include Ralphie, Paulie, Johnny Sack, and Christopher. But my question is: Who’s gonna get knocked up? Rumors of a ”Sopranos” pregnancy have been rampant on the Internet, and there’s no dearth of possible candidates.

The Oct. 13 episode, ”Pie-O-My,” didn’t answer either of these questions, choosing to focus instead on the titular racehorse owned by Ralphie (the nag started winning thanks to wise advice given by Tony, who took an increasingly sizable ”taste” of her earnings). The episode ended with Tony racing to Pie-O-My’s stable to pay a vet for treating the sick animal. Perhaps she’s expecting ponies — or perhaps it’s one of these other fillies who’s in the Family way:

ADRIANA Some have speculated that Ade’s visceral reaction to getting squeezed by the feds (she projectile-vomited all over their conference table) was actually morning sickness. She had to excuse herself again this week after the agents informed her that Big Pussy and Richie Aprile weren’t in the Witness Protection Program — i.e., Tony whacked them, and he could do the same to Christopher. The club owner reluctantly began to feed info to the feds, eavesdropping on Mob meetings held in her office at the Crazy Horse. If Adriana is pregnant, it could make her desire to escape her predicament even more desperate (Christopher already shot down her suggestion of moving to California). One can only hope they’ll both kick their smack habits before becoming parents.

JANICE Tony’s sister could be carrying Ralphie’s spawn, although the most recent sex act we witnessed between them wouldn’t have resulted in conception. Then again, she may be positioning herself to become stepmom of Bobby Bacala’s children. Since the death of Bobby’s wife, Janice has been hanging around his house, cooking him meals, and giving him pep talks. Bobby doesn’t fit Janice’s bad-boy mold (like Ralphie and Richie), but we did see him in a more intimidating light when he threatened a union official not to back a reform candidate who might end Uncle Junior’s money-skimming.

CARMELA Should A.J. and Meadow expect a baby sibling? Carm and Tony did the deed at the end of last week’s episode. Or will the sexual tension between Carmela and Furio lead to consummation? Maybe that’s why she urged her husband to sign a life-insurance trust that would be irrevocable in the event of a divorce. Tony ultimately declined on the advice of his accountant, so Carmela’s been giving him the cold shoulder — thus decreasing the chances of any procreation between them.

MEADOW Preseason predictions held that Tony’s daughter could have been impregnated by Jackie Aprile Jr. before Daddy had him whacked, but that seems less likely with each passing week. With no other potential partners on the scene, the odds of anyone fertilizing Meadow this season seem slimmer than the Jersey princess herself.

GLORIA In the preview for next week’s episode, Tony’s psycho ex-mistress (played by Annabella Sciorra) appeared for the first time since splitting town last season. Could she be coming back with a bun in the oven? That would upset the balance of power. You know what they say: The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

Do you think anybody’s pregnant on ”The Sopranos”?

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