A Website Where Film Fans Can Find Goofs Galore

If basketball’s three-point line and sidewalk handicapped ramps weren’t really around until the 1970s, why are they visible in the 1950s setting of Back to the Future? For the past six years, self-described ”film fanatic” Jon Sandys’ U.K.-based website moviemistakes.com has been unearthing such visual gaffes as the changing location of Chunk’s mole in The Goonies and Kate Winslet’s mobile beauty mark (right) in Titanic. As Sandys couldn’t possibly keep up with this time-consuming task, he wisely allows his obsessively observant audience to submit, self-edit, and verify cinematic blunders. The 23-year-old webmaster has even written a book, titled — what else? — Movie Mistakes (scheduled to hit bookshelves on these shores this month), to publicize his cinema-folly farm. Sandys insists that his site, currently listing upwards of 15,000 alleged oversights, is not meant to embarrass or point fingers: ”I just love watching films…with or without mistakes.”