Why Ghandia should change her name to Gone-dia -- The ''Denver Diva'' has no one to blame but herself for her ouster in this week's sorta spiritless episode, says Dalton Ross
Ghandia Johnson, Survivor: Thailand
Credit: Ghandia Johnson: Monty Brinton

Why Ghandia should change her name to Gone-dia

It’s a good thing that Ghandia ”don’t play the blame game,” because she has no one to blame for her eviction but herself. And I’m not even talking about her reaction to Ted’s curious canoodling. (That whole situation is so murky I still don’t know what to make of it.) Even if you remove ”Survivor”’s first sexual scandal, Ghandia still by almost all measures played a pretty horrible game.

She began by losing the first immunity challenge when she couldn’t figure out that stupid knife puzzle (notice she also couldn’t figure out this week’s temple puzzle), and then proceeded to run her mouth WAY too much. It doesn’t matter if she was right that Clay is a lazy, misogynist hillbilly. Let it go, sister! LET-IT-GO! (Besides, hillbillies are funny!)

Ghandia herself said that she was there to win the million dollars, and if that was the case then she should have kept her yap shut instead of complaining about everything and everyone. Of course, it’s not like anyone would’ve been horribly upset if Clay had gone instead.

Even host Jeff Probst seemed ready to slap him around for writing ”Denver Diva” on his eviction sheet, tersely sniping, ”Enough with the nicknames!” You go, Jeff! I don’t blame you for snapping after dealing with these mooks for five seasons now. Me, I’m glad Clay’s still around, if for no other reason than maybe we’ll get to see him get strangled by Robb again. (I still cue that up on the old VCR on a nightly basis.)

Meanwhile, over on Sook Jai, not much was going on. Stephanie basically decided the rest of her tribe was worthless and proceeded to paint a big dummy. That was pretty much it as far as they went. (By the way, some tribe member named ”Penny” showed up in this episode. Who the hell is this woman? Have we seen her before? I swear this is the first time I’ve ever noticed her. Watch. Now she’s going to go and win the whole damn show. You heard it here first.)

Oh yeah, Robb also carried on an extended conversation with a group of chickens, which somehow seemed mildly appropriate. Apparently, chickens are fluent in ”dude-speak.”

All in all, this week’s episode was pretty hum-drum. I mean, how can you call it anything else when the reward challenge is ripped off from freakin’ ”Boot Camp”? (And not just ”Boot Camp,” but ”Celebrity Boot Camp,” mind you. By the way, congratulations, Recruit Coolio.) And now that ”evil Ghandia” (her words, not mine) is gone we don’t even have a good battle of the sexes to look forward too. That’s okay, these clowns will find another way to amuse us next week. They always do.

Who do you think should’ve gotten the boot — Ghandia or Clay?

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