Who's the latest 'N Sync-er to go solo? It's JC Chasez, who's four tracks into recording a new album
JC Chasez
Credit: JC Chasez: Rena Durham/ZUMA Press/Newscom

Everyone in ‘N Sync seems to be doing his own thing these days — Justin Timberlake is promoting his upcoming solo album, Joey Fatone is performing on Broadway in ”Rent,” Chris Kirkpatrick is designing clothes, and Lance Bass is probably still waiting on a launch pad in Russia. Now comes word that JC Chasez is also laying down some solo tracks. MTV reports that he’s working with R&B producer Dallas Austin (TLC, Boyz II Men) on a song for the soundtrack to the movie ”Drumline” and has recorded three more tunes for a possible solo album as well.

Austin is a producer of the film as well, a comedy that opens in January and is based on his own experiences in a high school marching band. For the soundtrack, he’s gathered Alicia Keys, Monica, Joe, and Jadakiss, as well as Chasez. Speaking to MTV, Austin says of Chasez, ”At first he wasn’t going to do a record, but I think now he’s kind of interested, so we’ll probably just keep recording. We were just writing songs for the movie and we caught a niche and it was like, ‘Oh sh–, this is cool for you, let’s keep going.”’

Describing Chasez’s tracks, which include a possible single called ”Blowin’ Me Up,” Austin says, ”It’s back to George Michael and Prince and that ’80s era, where even though you had up-tempos, they still had songs to them, they had a lot of attitude. It was a trip because we didn’t realize how far away music had gotten from doing real songs until we started working on this stuff.” Um, that’s not a dig at Chasez’s day job, is it?