Turns out we live in an Alias nation, as readers voiced their support for the show’s undercover angel (#671/672, Sept. 13). ”You have a knack for putting the sexiest women on your Fall TV Preview cover,” raves Chris Mathis of Union City, Mich., ”but you topped them all with Jennifer Garner.” New York City’s Bonny Lee cheers: ”Bravo to Matthew Rolston on the picture of Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan! He captured the Sydney/Vaughn dynamic perfectly, conveying her strength and his devotion.” The latter of which sums up the fans of Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose. ”What David Browne overlooked in his review of MTV’s Video Music Awards, rendering his criticisms irrelevant,” claims Atlanta’s Ryan McNally, ”is that the new Guns N’ Roses lineup kicked the living crap out of any band that’s performed at the VMAs in the last five years.” Welcome back to the jungle, boys!

Spy Fidelity

Please, EW, explain why you must torment me! This is the second time Jennifer Garner has graced the cover of your fine magazine. It’s distracting me from all my obligations! Thanks for the incredible photos of the amazing Garner, and thanks for showcasing Alias, hands down the best program on television. ERIC SKOGLUND Manchester, N.H.

Just wanted to thank you for putting Jennifer Garner on the cover! After I caught my breath, I read the article, and I sincerely hope the show finally breaks big! I’ll be glued to my TV, just to see what ”Mommy Fearest” has in store for Sydney! LUIS QUINTERO Miami

What happened to Jennifer Garner? She no longer looks like Jane Average and/or a spy. She looks like a supermodel. If this is her character’s new look, she is not going to be able to blend in any longer and be effective as a spy. J. REVELES West Covina, Calif.

Kudos for a great Fall TV Preview…with one exception: I could tolerate your gratuitous praise of Jennifer Garner’s work on Alias if only you would give us one feature on the highly talented Allison Janney. Okay, so she might not bare her abs for your cover, but her work on The West Wing continues to be outstanding. M. MITCHELL Prattville, Ala.

‘Grace’ Less

In your Fall TV preview, one Will & Grace producer says that the show will still be about four ”girls,” while another acknowledges that Will has had no real love life in four (!) years on the air. This series has been a terrible disappointment. It uses negative stereotypes of gay men (e.g., hyperfemininity) while ignoring the fact that gay men actually have long-term romantic relationships with each other (rather than with straight women). To have expected more would have presumed that the cowards in Hollywood could have been innovative and daring. Fat chance! D. BOWMAN Toronto

Originality Sin

As evidenced by your TV preview, there’s only one word to describe most of this year’s new shows: Yaaaaawn! No wonder people have turned to cable in droves. Network TV execs seem not to understand the word originality. Instead, they give us more cops, docs, and lawyers — not to mention sickly-sweet family sitcoms. Why not give us some bold, exciting concepts that we haven’t seen before? JOHN KEPHART Tacoma, Wash.