Suddenly, it’s all so Annie Hall. Girl rockers Michelle Branch, Kelly Osbourne, and Avril Lavigne are sticking their necks out and restarting an old fashion trend: women sporting neckties. Paired with ruffled shirts and tank tops, ties, says NYC-based stylist Darshan Gress, who works with Branch, ”don’t have to be worn tight and all stuffy.” Fashion spreads and ads are following suit, featuring everything from funky knotted scarves to models in head-to-toe menswear. Of course, it’s not a look for everyone: ”Girls have to have a strong personality to wear it,” says Gress. ”I don’t think that means you have to be hardcore punk-Goth, but you need confidence.” Branch and Lavigne — who’s rarely seen sans cravat — make the look unique by getting their ties at thrift stores. ”It’s a respectful disrespect kind of thing,” says Cloutier stylist Stephanie Wolf, whose clients include Lavigne. ”Avril is antifashion, yet she’s setting fashion trends.”