How ''Friends'' will spice up Phoebe's love life -- Lisa Kudrow's character will finally have romance (er, make that romances) this season

By William Keck
October 11, 2002 at 04:00 AM EDT
Friends: Danny Field
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Rachel, Ross, and Joey don’t have the only complicated love lives on ”Friends.” ”We have a wonderful love triangle for our lovely Phoebe right before Halloween,” says exec producer Marta Kauffman. ”It’s Phoebe’s time for love, and she’s going to have more than she can handle.”

Lisa Kudrow will be torn between Paul Rudd’s lawyer-turned-pianist and Hank Azaria’s physicist, an old flame. The actress just hopes her beloved bubblehead finds a soul mate before the series ends (which may or may not be this season). But she has a third suitor in mind: Eddie McClintock’s hospitalized hunk, with whom she flirted in last season’s finale. ”I’m so disappointed,” says Kudrow of his departure for NBC’s mid-season ”A.U.S.A.” ”He got another show.”